Jordon Kue
Partner(Relocation Consultant)
C21 Relocation LLP(Singapore)
  • +65 9062 8938
  • 6590628938
  • Jordon Kue has 24 years of experience in the real estate industry starting from the year 1997. Prior to his real estate career path, he was working in a Japanese travel agency. He took pride in his ability to help his clients in their housing needs. With his vast experience, Jordon is able to assist clients faced with tricky situation. With his quick thinking, he is able to propose solutions and “handheld” the clients to overcome their real estate problems. Not to forget, Jordon is able to speak Japanese fluently thus if you are a Japanese client, you are definitely in good hands! He will leave no stones unturned so that his clients will be happy and satisfied. Which is also why he is constantly referred to new cliental by happy customers.
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