Network smarter.

At HiHello we're building tools that help you curate and grow your most valuable asset: your network.

Digital business cards

Customize a card for every hat you wear and make an impression at the office and the dog park.

app with details shared

Seamless contact exchange

No app required to receive or exchange contact details. Everyone you meet with HiHello ends up in your phone's contacts.

app with exchange screens

Follow up in your workflow

Turn more handshakes into real relationships.

app with follow up screens

The most accurate business card scanner

Real people review and edit each scan to make sure it’s 100% correct before adding it to your address book.

app with card scanning screens

Plus more:

contact listKeep track of the people you meet, and which card they have, using our unique chronological contacts list
live contactConnect with other HiHello users for a live contact that is always up-to-date
customize cardsCustomize your HiHello cards with logos, social profiles, notes, color, and more!

Download the app

Download the app

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