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Network, smarter.
At HiHello we’re building the tools to help you curate and grow your most valuable asset: your network.

Seamlessly share with the people you meet — no app required to receive.

It just doesn’t make sense to type your name and phone number for every person you meet, or fumble to find your business card but realize you don’t have it the one time you really need it.

Simply share your HiHello card by showing a code, texting it, or emailing it. This will send a secure link to your digital business card, where the receiver can download your card and even send back their own info without needing the app.


Send the right details to the right people.

Let’s be honest— there are some people you only want to give your name and number to. Create multiple HiHello cards with different information, and choose which card you would like to share with others, depending on the context.

Everywhere you go, you'll always have a card ready to share with each type of person you meet.


Scan business cards with human-verified accuracy.

Next time you meet someone who gives you a paper business card, you can simply scan their card using HiHello, and hand the paper card right back to them!

It's time to tame the stack of cards taking over your desk and scan your cards right into your contacts. Scan old and new cards in a quick, easy-to-use method that is human-verified to ensure complete accuracy.

To make this even faster, we’ve even added a scan button in the HiHello widget.

Plus more:
contact listKeep track of the people you meet, and which card they have, using our unique chronological contacts list
live contactConnect with other HiHello users for a live contact that is always up-to-date
customize cardsCustomize your HiHello cards with logos, social profiles, notes, color, and more!
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